Sewer Cleaning

Need to get your sewers cleaned out? At Action Sewer & Septic Service, Inc. we offer effective sewer cleaning solutions for residential, industrial, or commercial properties. Clear away all the buildup that may be causing blockages, ensuring your sewer system is working smoothly.

Experienced Sewer Cleaners

Sewage buildup is one of those problems that only gets worse over time if left unaddressed, potentially causing significant damage to your home or business. At Action we have decades of experience working on a wide range of properties. This allows us to provide prompt, professional service that meets your needs.

Types of Sewer Cleaning We Provide

  • Mechanical Cleaning: cables are used to break down and remove clogs
  • Hydro Cleaning: Flushing and jetting to push out debris and break down obstructions
  • Preventative Maintenance Cleaning: Stay ahead of problems
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